How do I arrange an appointment?
If your optometrist or family doctor has recommended a specialist opinion, ask them to send a letter of referral to me at the clinic of your choice. If you do not have a letter of referral, please email your details to info@shropshireeyecare.co.uk and I will arrange an appointment.

How bad do my cataracts need to be before before they can be removed?
Cataracts can be removed as soon as they start to cause problems with your vision. Your decision when to proceed with surgery will depend on various factors such as whether you drive, how your work or hobbies are affected, or difficulties with reading.

Do cataracts recur?
Cataracts never recur but sometimes scar tissue forms behind the new lens implant and this can blur the vision again. It is easily treated by laser.

Are there any possible complications with cataract surgery?
There are potential complications with any surgery. Serious complications are extremely rare in cataract surgery, and the risk that your vision will be worse after a cataract operation is very small. I will discuss the risks and benefits of surgery with you in detail before you make any decision to proceed with a cataract operation.

How is glaucoma treated?
Most patients with glaucoma are successfully treated with drops which are continued indefinitely. However, some patients require an operation to control their glaucoma.

What does eyelid surgery involve?
The majority of eyelid surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic, with injections into the eyelids to numb the area. Most treatments are done on an outpatient basis, with your visit to the clinic lasting no more two hours. Sometimes, small operations can be done at the same time as your first consultation. Recovery and return to normal activities does depend very much on the procedure you are having done and I will discuss that with you before your surgery.

Are there any possible complications with eyelid surgery?
There are potential complications with any treatment. They are, fortunately, uncommon after eyelid surgery and are generally of a very minor nature. There is rarely any risk to your vision and in almost every case the outcome will meet your expectations. You will have an opportunity to discuss this with me before your operation.

How much does treatment cost?
This depends on the treatment that you need, and a precise quote may not be possible until I have assessed your condition. However, for an estimate, please contact me by email with details of your problem and I will give you an idea of the costs involved. If you include a photograph as well, then I may be able to provide an accurate quote.