Eyelid and Eyebrow Malpositions


Drooping of the upper eyelid or eyebrow can be a cause of visual problems or eyelid discomfort and heaviness. This occurs when the eyebrow droops, pushing down the eyelid skin, or excessive eyelid skin overhangs the eyelid margin. Sometimes there is a drooping of the eyelid margin (ptosis) which makes the eyelid feel heavy and can obscure the vision if the eyelid margin covers the pupil. The lower eyelid can become lax which causes it to turn inwards (entropion) or outwards (ectropion), resulting in irritation and watering of the eye. All these conditions can be corrected or significantly improved by surgery, which is usually carried out under local anaesthetic. Ingrowing eyelashes can also be a source of eye irritation and there are various helpful treatments for this condition.

Eyelid ptosis

Eyelid ectropion

Eyelid entropion